by johnny murphy

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summer 2015

weird shit music video


released December 5, 2015



all rights reserved


johnny murphy Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: worrrrrrn out
i am back in this small town
i can't really think right now
my voice is getting worrrrrrn out
all the clothes are starting to smell
Track Name: keurig coffee
my coffee's like the cosmos
it's like that jean-luc godard movie
except mine was made in a keurig

i watched toy story
my mom told me i used to like it
except so did everyone else i know

i will never be frankie cosmos
or even anything close
hopefully i can still enjoy this
Track Name: katy perry's plastic bag (not to be confused with the bag from american beauty)
i thought i saw two blue jays
but it was just a plastic bag
floating through the street
touching peoples feet

you were wearing a sweater
and your favorite pair of blue jeans
you were standing next to me
I was looking at you

it was like looking at art
it was like driving on a back road when it's really dark

then i hit the floor
i couldn't move any more
i couldn't reach the door

your eyes can't leave the road
or your car might explode
Track Name: hit me baby one more time
if i just walk another block
i could pull myself together
i'm swaying like a doll
wrapped in your arms

if i just lift my head up
i could mumble a few meaningless words
my eyes are glazed over
like the saddest doughnut ever

hit me! so i feel it in the morning

if i just pass out on the sidewalk
i might forget what happened
i think i left my coat
in the last place we were in
Track Name: pre post-industry
over there in hell i see
an angel staring back at me
imagine this place pre post-industry
when the trolleys made a mess of the streets
no amount of time can change history

did i interrupt your speech?
i was trying to learn what you teach
play a song about growing up
i bet your tongue will get stuck
Track Name: weird shit
the man in the firefighter hat says some weird shit
he's got eyes in the back of his head
he tells some woman about his time in prison
and she just nods her head

he knows where you're going
he's everywhere you go
he's harmless at best
and he's not santa claus or god or anything like that

i'm leaning against a pole
watching the doors open and close
i see an ad to learn a second language
that'll never happen
Track Name: bad alex g ripoff
let's go see a movie today
we're kinda late but that's okay

we made our way to the 13th floor
that's just something you cannot ignore

we don't need no salty popcorn
we bought some wine at the liquor store

we can sit in the very back row
no one will know