the ghost of naivete past

by johnny murphy

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recorded on a microcassette


released August 20, 2012

Lampshade written by Beck



all rights reserved


johnny murphy Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: chronicals of that weekend at ryan's house parts i & ii
that day we went too far
hit the bottle too hard
you gave us all a fright
when you drove off that night
19 miles from home
at the 24 downtown
just my luck that i'm struggling
looking all around

go out
run out the back door
go underneath the bridge
lightning strikes and I feel fine
but tomorrow i'll be sick
Track Name: lampshade
written by Beck
Track Name: the fact that i'm so stupid
i see it on the forecast
i saw it on a picture frame
the fact that i'm so stupid
shouldn't suit your state of mind
Track Name: lonesome
this lonesome life
that i live
won't mean nothing
no not a thing
Track Name: life like a freight train
flush my brain down the drain
with soap and water to ease the pain
program my heart to stop
i'll drop dead with just a single drop
my life is like a freight train
i pick up and go whenever i please
dress me up in a suit and tie
i'll pretend to try it'll all be a lie
Track Name: tight rope
i never really cared a lot
there are so many things i should do
i live my life on a tight rope
i live my life on a country road
stayed up all night singing those country blues
but i never really knew what to say
Track Name: peace my birdie
a dove sits by
love is a lie
red face red face sad as hell
peace my birdie
lust sucks
Track Name: de jah blues
i've been to wyoming i don't remember much
don't know how i got there i think i was lost
sat down by the riverside just waiting to die
well the whiskey was strong and my body felt good
so I sat down by the fire

i say hello to deja vu almost every single day of my life baby blue

i ain't never been to nebraska i ain't never wanted to
i just sit on my butt not doing anything at all
i ain't never meant much to you you ain't never meant much to me
penny up blues penny down fool
Track Name: lampshade (demo)
written by Beck